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The demand for donkeys in China is booming, but not for what you might think. Over the last two decades the donkey population in China has plummeted. Due to a rise in income, people no longer depend on donkeys to do their heavy lifting. But China still uses donkeys to produce traditional medicine.

Now China is shopping around the world looking for donkeys to import and send them to a horrible fate. We can’t let that happen—sign the petition.

The Guardian notes that „When boiled, donkey skin produces a rubbery, gelatine-like substance, known as ejiao, which is included in many popular Chinese tonics and medicines for its perceived ability to cure coughs, relieve insomnia and revitalise the blood.“

The unlucky donkeys that are sent overseas are usually treated with extreme cruelty only to be skinned alive once they arrive.

Australia is debating whether or not to help feed this deadly trade by developing a „profitable donkey industry.“ But any profit would be blood money. Right now, we have a chance to stop it Australia’s donkey trade in its tracks. Activists are trying to encourage the government to take a stand and ban the live export of donkeys altogether.

Let Australia know the world is watching and ask them to help save Australian donkeys from a horrible fate. Sign the petition and ask agriculture minister, Barnaby Joyce and PM Malcolm Turnbull to ban the live export of donkeys for overseas meat markets.

Thank you for making a difference,

  Andrew M. The Care2 Petitions Team

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