He stabbed the kangaroo while his friend laughed


Demand Justice for Brutally Murdered Kangaroo

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„Just face it, that’s your fate. Let me finish this as quickly as I can.“ This sounds like an act of mercy, but they’re actually the words uttered in a video of a man brutally murdering a kangaroo. In August, a horrific video emerged from Australia. A man is seen approaching an injured kangaroo, and instead of helping the animal he grabs the kangaroo by the tail and stabs the poor animal multiple times, while the person recording laughs in the background.This isn’t just cruel — it’s illegal. In Victoria, Australia, native wildlife are protected under the Wildlife Act of 1975. The culprit has been arrested, but we need to put pressure on authorities to follow through with convicting this man for his horrific crime.Speak up against animal cruelty. Sign your name and demand justice for the murdered kangaroo! Thank you for making a difference,

  Angie L. The Care2 Petitions Team


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