A neighbor literally cut Blacky the dog alive


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It was the night before Christmas Eve. All was supposed to be peaceful in Triolet, Mauritius. But that’s the night that a man named Nikhil decided to pull out a sword and cut up his neighbor’s dogs, Blacky and Dipsy.

It’s time for Mauritius to stop animal abusers and adopt stricter laws. Tell the government to prosecute Nikhil and others who hurt animals!

Blacky and his brother each underwent surgery for more than four hours. Veterinarians reported that Blacky had „large, deep and open spinal and leg injuries, [his] upper respiratory tract perforated and maxilla was fractured in assorted points.“ The front of his muzzle was cut open, too, with a large slice running up his face.

Animal lovers in Mauritius are outraged. Will you join them in demanding stricter laws to punish animal cruelty?

Thank you for all that you do,

    Miranda B.
The Care2 Petitions Team




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