Meet 2 Survivors of a Dog Slaughterhouse

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Meet Two Dog Meat Trade Survivors
Meet Huahua and Xiaohei, two adorable dogs saved from painful death at a dog meat slaughterhouse in northern China. We don’t know how they got there; most likely, they were stolen from their human families or grabbed from the streets. We do know they were destined to be brutally butchered for profit — just like millions of other dogs and cats sold for meat.


Thankfully, brave rescuers took these dogs in the cover of night and brought them to the safety of Kuitun Small Animal Protection Association, where they may now live without fear.


With your support, Lady Freethinker (LFT) is providing much-needed food for these and other rescued dogs in China. We are also working to end the cruel dog and cat meat trade via education and continuous public pressure. Will you please donate to help us fight against dog meat and care for rescued dogs?



These days, Huahua and Xiaohei are safe and happy at the shelter, eating well and getting plenty of love.


We will continue striving to provide these innocent animals the best life possible after all they’ve been through — but we can’t do it without you. Please donate now to enable our efforts as we help dogs in China and fight animal cruelty around the world.


LFT will continue working to stop the brutal dog and cat meat trade and save the lives of animals through our news reports, petitions and grassroots actions. Please donate to allow this lifesaving work to continue.


Thank you for doing your part to help stop animal cruelty.


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