We have just a few weeks left to persuade the palm oil industry to blacklist Nestlé’s reckless business partner, Indofood.

The Indonesian food giant is responsible for illegal rainforest destruction and worker abuse.

The Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil is making a decision in the coming weeks and we need your help to pressure it to deliver a strong verdict against Indofood.

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Nestlé’s palm oil business partner Indofood is the worst of the worst when it comes to producing palm oil. The Indonesian giant has gotten away with rainforest destruction and worker abuse for too long.

This impunity could end soon! The palm oil industry’s main certification body, the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO) could finally kick the rogue company off its certification scheme. The RSPO complaints panel meets next week, so we need to act fast.

This decision will be a crucial step in getting Nestlé to finally cut deforestation and abuse out of its supply chain.

Together, we can expose the RSPO’s greenwashing and put its reputation at risk so it doesn’t stick to business as usual and overlook Indofood’s gross violations.

Sign the petition to demand the RSPO suspends Nestlé’s business partner Indofood.

Owned by Indonesia’s richest man, Indofood has been exposed in multiple investigations for exploiting workers, paying poverty wages (and female workers even less), dangerous working conditions, and intimidating communities off their land for illegal deforestation.

It also ignores the RSPO’s guidelines on protecting precious orangutan habitat and is guilty of logging on carbon-rich peat land, intensifying climate chaos.

Nestlé is in on this game. The snack food giant co-brands products in the South Asian market, and profits from a lucrative Joint Venture Partnership with Indofood — cheating on its palm oil commitments.

Getting the industry’s main certification scheme to suspend Indofood could force Nestlé to take strong action against Indofood, or risk public backlash. A suspension would give us even more evidence to call for Nestlé to permanently cut ties with Indofood.

There’s very little time before Nestlé’s business partner gets its verdict.

Sign the petition to pressure the RSPO into suspending Indofood — NOW.

Together, we’ve forced some of the palm oil industry’s biggest players to change their destructive ways before. Last year a huge SumOfUs petition shone light on another one of Nestlé’s dodgy palm oil partners — REPSA in Guatemala. The exposure and media fall-out forced Nestlé to cut ties with the Guatemalan palm oil offender!

The RSPO often fails to enforce its own standards, but if we pile on the pressure it could be forced to sanction Indofood. Recently, the RSPO froze Nestlé’s membership for several weeks when it failed to comply with its rules.

The suspension was a blow to Nestlé’s public image, and zoos and retailers around the world refused to stock its products for the period. That’s why we want to send a strong message to the industry by getting Indofood suspended for good.

Sign the petition to demand the RSPO suspends Nestlé’s business partner Indofood.

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Thanks for all that you do,
Rebecca, Fatah and the team at SumOfUs


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