Stop the mass slaughter of ravens in Scotland!

Mass culling of ravens is set to go ahead in Scotland. We must say NO to the slaughter of this protected species.



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Ravens are beautiful, intelligent and sociable birds. After being common in Scotland in the 19th century, they were driven to the brink of extinction as a result of persecution by gamekeepers and farmers. They’re now a protected species.

So why has Scottish Natural Heritage (SNH) now given gamekeepers a licence to kill 300 ravens?

Raptor Persecution Scotland say, „gamekeepers have long wanted ravens to be added to the General Licence because they are seen as a perceived threat to grouse stocks. Ravens are [also] routinely demonised in the press. However, this latest licence authorising a multi-year mass culling of ravens over a large area for spurious reasons (and apparently very little, if any, scientific justification) is unprecedented. That it also happens to be a well-known raptor persecution hotspot just adds to the lunacy of this situation.“

Please sign the Care2 petition to urge SNH to withdraw the licence.

Thank you,

  Beth G.
The Care2 Petitions Team



P.S. Well-known conservationist Chris Packham has written to SNH to urge them to reverse their decision. Will you take action too and sign the petition?






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