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This protected grizzly bear was brutally killed, its body left cold and alone. Justice for River!



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The iconic grizzly bear is classified as threatened in the state of Wyoming. But that didn’t stop someone from cruelly slaughtering River, a healthy, vibrant grizzly bear that the Care2 team has sentimentally named after the area where the animal’s body was found: the Wind River Reservation. No details about how poor River was killed have been released, but grizzly bears like River have been under attack for decades — in Idaho and Wyoming, ‚bear baiting‘ is a legal hunting tactic for black bears. Cowardly hunters leave out food and then hide themselves away, waiting for a black bear’s natural instincts to bring them towards the food — and right into deadly shooting range. Since this disgraceful way of hunting was approved, at least 10 grizzly bears have been „accidentally“ killed by bear baiting hunters.

This protected area cannot afford to lose another grizzly bear to River’s fate! Human development, deforestation, and hunting have already brought the Wyoming grizzly bear population into the danger zone. This threatened species must be protected at all costs or we could lose them and their vital ecological roles forever! The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (FWS) has already issued a reward for any information that could lead to justice for River, but it’s been almost three weeks and the grizzly’s killer is still at large! Sign the petition asking the FWS to increase their reward, and spare no effort in stopping this animal murderer!

Thank you,

  Lauren W.
The Care2 Petitions Team



P.S. Grizzly bears are a threatened species. Hurting or killing one is not only shameful — it’s illegal. Sign the petition.


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