Pets stolen and killed by… animal control workers?


Demand Justice for Stolen Pets Killed by Animal Control Workers!

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When volunteers arrived at the local animal control center in Almaty, Kazakhstan recently, they thought it would be an ordinary Monday. Instead, they were met with the sounds of weak crying and panting coming from inside the trunk of an employee’s parked car. They called the police, who forced the employee to open the trunk. But by that time, the dog trapped inside had already died from suffocation and heat stroke.

The dog, Umka, belonged to 19-year-old Asem, who became alarmed when her pet went missing. After Umka disappeared, she spent the night searching for her on social media and dog-related websites. It was only after seeing pictures posted on Instagram that she discovered her dog had been found in a car, murdered.

This is not the only case of a pet being abducted and killed by the area’s animal control workers. When Care2 member Kira learned what was happening in her home country, she started a petition demanding justice. Sign her petition now!

Right now, locals believe that the animal control workers are stealing purebred dogs from people’s backyards, and selling them. The government-sponsored control center is notorious for using inhumane ways to catch the dogs, like fishing line that tears through the animals‘ skin and sometimes even breaks their necks. Captured dogs are frequently held in tiny cages without any air conditioning, water or food. The center also sometimes euthanizes the animals, and when they do, it is without anesthesia, and the deaths are slow and painful.

Kira wants us to help spread the message about the abduction and murder of pets in Almaty, Kazakhstan so the animal control center will take these allegations seriously, and hold all workers who abuse animals responsible.

Sign Kira’s petition and help save the lives of other dogs and family pets!

Thank you for all that you do,

  Miranda B. The Care2 Petitions Team


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