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Justice for Tiny Dog Burned in Public Park

Sign the petition for justice for Chihuahua brutally burned in a park in Las Vegas. Plus top stories…


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SIGN: Justice for Tiny Chihuahua Brutally Burned in Public Park








VIDEO: These All-Volunteer Crossing Guards Stop Traffic so Turtles Can Cross the Road Safely




Three Rhino Poachers Go Out Hunting, Are Eaten by a Pack of Lions




Rescuers Work 30 Hours to Save Deaf Puppy Stuck in Deep Hole




VIDEO: Elephant Twins Born in Amboseli National Park for First Time in Nearly 3 Decades



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Stop Trophy Hunters From Slaughtering Giraffes

Stop Trophy Hunters From Slaughtering Giraffes


A trophy hunter from Kentucky slaughtered an exotic 18-year-old giraffe and posted an image of her kill on Instagram. The social media post shows the hunter pointing up at the sky, seemingly thanking God for helping her slaughter this majestic animal. Sign the petition to condemn this woman for her cruelty.
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Three Dogs Reportedly Cooked to Death in Hot Car Deserve Justice


Help Lead the Fight Against Deforestation


Don’t Sentence Rescued Baby Goat to Death


Success: Efforts to Protect Pets From Abusers Moves Forward



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