Kitten Beaten and Doused with Pepper Spray Deserves Justice A kitten was savagely beaten and doused in pepper spray in a malicious case of animal cruelty. He was found in a street, covered in blood. Demand justice for this innocent animal. And please share this petition and spread the word:   Share Tweet Forward   Now it’s our turn to ask for help: We are only able to continue our work due to the financial support from people like you. This is because running a major online activism platform is expensive. Without our Premium Members, we would be forced to shut down our operations — and animalRead More →

Auf Facebook teilen   Bitte helfen Sie uns den Straßenkatzen auf Teneriffa zu helfen!   Wenn man Teneriffa hört, dann denkt man zuerst an Sommer, Sonne und Strand. Doch wie so oft ist das Leid genau dort verborgen, wo man es nicht vermuten möchte. Unzählige Straßenkatzen kämpfen auf der Insel jeden Tag aufs Neue um ihr Überleben. Der Platz ist beschränkt und sie vermehren sich rasend schnell. Pro Jahr bekommt jede nicht sterilisierte Katze bis zu 12 Katzenkinder. Diese pflanzen sich wiederum ein halbes Jahr später fort und so vervielfältigt sich die Anzahl der Tiere in kürzester Zeit. Das verursacht Infektionskrankheiten, Hunger und Tod. DabeiRead More →

Find Man Who Kicked a Field Goal With Cat on Video   A young man was caught on video kicking a cat like a football, while his friends laughed and cheered him on. The condition or even survival of the poor cat is unknown. Sign this petition to help bring this animal abuser to justice. We need your help, so we can keep helping animals:   We’ll get right to the point – We need your help. Without the financial support of our Premium Members, we could not afford to continue our work Defending Animals From Other Humans. Over the years, we’ve helped countless abusedRead More →

      TAKE ACTION!       SIGN: Pass the KITTEN Act to Ban Cruel USDA Experiments on Cats   TOP STORIES     Mexico City Has Just Banned Cruel Dolphin Captivity               VIDEO: Eyeless Dog Gets a New Blind Best Friend to Pal Around With     Vet Who Shot Cat Through the Head with Arrow Loses Her Appeal               The ‚Salmon Extinction Act‘ Has Just Passed in the House     New Footage Shows that Elephants Mourn for Their Dead, Just Like Us   Lady Freethinker is dedicated to creatingRead More →

      TAKE ACTION!       SIGN: Stop Killing Dogs and Cats Like Trash After Research Ends   TOP STORIES     VIDEO: Tiniest Kitten Gets Extra Love from Two Moms               VIDEO: 2-Legged Squirrel Gets Around with Tiny Set of Wheels     This Methane-Tracking Satellite will Monitor Pollution from Outer Space             VIDEO: Meet the Abused Puppy Whose Incredible Recovery Inspired Better Animal Protections     Sick Kitten Thrown from Car Window Finds a Loving Home, Stars in a Storybook   Lady Freethinker is a registered nonprofit media organization dedicatedRead More →

  Family cats are being brutalized and murdered at cat meat markets in Vietnam. We must put an end to this!     Sign Now       As we speak, thousands of cats are being slaughtered in Vietnamese cat meat markets. But they’re not just being killed — they’re being mercilessly tortured. These poor cats are being beaten, hanged, skinned, blow-torched and boiled alive. Care2 member Artem was heartbroken and outraged over these revelations. Sign the petition demanding that the Vietnamese government ban this animal abuse now! A recent video taken in Ho Chi Minh City showcases the full extent of this cruelty. SomeRead More →

  Punish Woman Who Tattooed Cat for Cruel Instagram Stunt     A body builder reportedly had her hairless cat sedated and tattooed in a disgusting ploy to gain likes on Instagram. Demand Instagram respond to this senseless cruelty by banning her account. It’s Our Turn to Ask for Help:   For those of you who are already Premium Members — thank you from the bottom of our hearts! For the rest of our community, please consider the following message:   Without your support, our organization would cease to exist… literally. This is because running a major online activism platform is expensive. Without the financialRead More →

  ANIMAL SPIRIT – Newsletter vom 18.12.2017   Neues von Animal Spirit ANIMAL SPIRIT – Newsletter vom 18.12.2017 Ziegenbock „Rudolf“ gerettet; Hilfe für Gabys Gnadenhof; „Fleisch ist kein Zeichen von Wohlstand“; Italienische Partei will Jagd abschaffen; Rührende Weihnachtsgeschichte Ziegenbock „Rudolf“ gerettet Dr. Plank mit soeben gerettetem Ziegenbock „Rudolf“ Einsamen Ziegenbock „Rudolf“ gerettet Heute stand wieder einmal ein kleiner Rettungseinsatz für eine einsame Ziege am Programm von ANIMAL SPIRIT: Ein niederösterr. Amtstierarzt kontaktierte uns, weil einem Alkoholiker sollte ein kastrierter Ziegenbock abgenommen werden, auch weil er den ganzen Tag alleine – also ohne Artgenossen – und ohne Unterstand in seinem Hinterhof gehalten würde. Da auf unseremRead More →

      TAKE ACTION!       SIGN: Justice for 2 Dozen Dead Horses Found Decomposing on Farm   TOP STORIES     VIDEO: Meet the Man Taking Care of the Radioactive Dogs of Chernobyl               Star Athletes Speak Out Against High-Speed Slaughter of Pigs     Video: Rescued Elephant With Deformed Foot Will Never Have to Give Tourist Rides Again               VIDEO: This Handsome Rescue Cat Runs His Own Hotel     United Airlines Sends Family Dog to Wrong Country by Mistake   Lady Freethinker is a registered nonprofit media organizationRead More →

If you are having trouble reading this message, please click here to view it in your browser       TAKE ACTION!       SIGN: Justice for 11 Dead Puppies Found Wrapped in Plastic in Freezer   TOP STORIES     VIDEO: Woman Quits Her Day Job to Foster Kittens Full Time               Moby to Donate all Profits from New Album to Animal Rights Groups     The Government’s So-Called ‚Wildlife Conservation Council‘ is Packed with Trophy Hunters               Cruelty Free ‚Clean Meat‘ will Soon be Available in Pet Food    Read More →