Beating, skinning and boiling cats alive


Family cats are being brutalized and murdered at cat meat markets in Vietnam. We must put an end to this!



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As we speak, thousands of cats are being slaughtered in Vietnamese cat meat markets. But they’re not just being killed — they’re being mercilessly tortured. These poor cats are being beaten, hanged, skinned, blow-torched and boiled alive.

Care2 member Artem was heartbroken and outraged over these revelations. Sign the petition demanding that the Vietnamese government ban this animal abuse now!

A recent video taken in Ho Chi Minh City showcases the full extent of this cruelty. Some animals in the footage are even wearing collars, meaning they could have been someone’s beloved pet before they were snatched.

Unfortunately, cat meat is an ingredient in many soups and supposed health tonics in Vietnam. Many people in the cat meat industry are also under the misconception that pain and suffering will tenderize the cats‘ flesh and improve the quality of the meat. Regardless of what people eat, no animal should endure this kind of pure brutality.

Please help save countless little animals who need your voice in order to avoid the cruelest fate possible. Please sign Artem’s petition and make sure the Vietnamese government hears our pleas.

Thank you,

    Miranda B.
The Care2 Petitions Team



P.S. As a cat mom myself, I can’t imagine the pain that pet parents whose beloved animals have been stolen are going through. I do know that we have to do whatever it takes to save more furry babies from a terrible fate. Will you sign the petition?






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