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News: U.S. Wants to Deport Woman Enslaved by Guerrillas

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Woman Enslaved by Salvadoran Guerrillas to be Deported by U.S. for “Supporting Terrorists”


Woman Enslaved by Salvadoran Guerrillas to be Deported by U.S. for “Supporting Terrorists”
June 7, 2018
A woman from El Salvador who gained Temporary Protected Status in the U.S. after being abducted and enslaved by guerrillas is now facing deportation after a court ruled that her forced labor constituted “material support for terrorists.”


Unprecedented UN Sanctions Slapped on ‘Millionaire Migrant Traffickers’
Unprecedented UN Sanctions Slapped on ‘Millionaire Migrant Traffickers’
June 7, 2018
The United Nations Security Council has hit six major human traffickers operating in Libya with unprecedented sanctions. Shockingly, one is a commander in the Libyan Coast Guard who allegedly sank boats full of African migrants.
An American 13-Year-Old, Pregnant and Forced to Marry to Her Rapist


An American 13-Year-Old, Pregnant and Forced to Marry Her Rapist
June 1, 2018
Dawn Tyree was molested by a family friend when she was just 11. When her parents found out, they didn’t go to the police. Instead, as Dawn recalls, “It was decided for me that I would marry him.”



Court: Mars No Need to Disclose if Candy Made from Child Slave Labor
The Ninth Circuit of the U.S. Court of Appeals has ruled that candy maker Mars Inc. does not need to disclose if cocoa beans used in its chocolate were produced using child slave labor as it is not a “physical defect” in the product.
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Thai NGO: 10 Out of 100 Arrested Sex Workers are Victims of Trafficking
Empower Foundation is calling for a ban on police raids targeting the sex industry, arguing that the stings violate human rights of women by shaming sex workers and improperly detaining trafficking victims.
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H&M and Gap to Probe Violence and Sex Abuse in Asian Factories
The move comes after NGOs interviewed workers in supplier factories, finding that female workers were at particular risk of retaliation if they reported the abuses.
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Ex-Crew Help Fellow Victims in Thailand’s Fishing Industry
Over 100 rescued fishermen have come together to form the Thai and Migrant Fishers Union Group (TMFG) to help prevent their fellow countrymen from falling victim to forced labor and exploitation at sea.
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Why Prawns are Off the Menu at Air New Zealand
The company’s chief executive says, „We’ve recently taken prawns off because we don’t have confidence about the supply and where they’re coming from, what conditions they are caught in and what conditions the workers are in.”
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Correction: Brands Using Certification Scheme Fail to Stop Labor Abuse
A previous version of this article unfortunately contained an image featuring tea brands which are not implicated in the recent news story. In fact, they were social enterprises that are examples of positive change. As a consumer, you can also take positive action to help ensure tea workers are treated fairly. Ask brands:
Who Picked My Tea?




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