This turtle is NOT lovin‘ it: Tell McDonald’s to help wildlife


McDonald’s: End the Use of Plastic Straws



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A viral video showing a team of researchers attempting to remove an obstruction from the nose of a sea turtle painful to watch. At the end of the struggle, once the blockage is ripped free, it’s revealed to be a plastic straw.

Plastic straws are a nightmare for the environment and our wildlife.

Sign my Care2 petition and ask McDonald’s to end their use of plastic straws.

These single-use conveniences are trashing the planet. There’s not a beach around the globe that is free of this pollution. Our creeks, rivers, lakes and oceans are all littered with plastic straws. Wildlife, such as the sea turtle, can confuse straws for food and cause themselves great harm.

A post-mortem just completed on a Cuvier’s beaked whale that was found dead on a Scottish beach determined the animal was killed by plastic pollution.

The petroleum-based, polypropelene straw is an environmental nightmare, and it’s time we WAKE UP. In the United States alone, people use more than 500 million straws EVERY DAY. Stretched end to end, they could circle the globe 2 & 1/2 times.

McDonald’s, with its 35,000 worldwide locations, is an enormous source for these plastic disasters. McDonald’s has been a leader in reducing waste, and transitioning its paper and cardboard to more sustainable sources. It’s time they turn their attention to their plastic problem.

Sign my petition and urge McDonald’s to take action for wildlife and end their use of disposable straws.

If enough of us take action together, we can show McDonald’s that this is an issue they should address immediately.

Thank you for standing with wildlife,

  Aaron V. The Care2 Petitions Team



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