Stop a pro-hunter from running Kent Wildlife Trust


Stop a pro-hunter from running Kent Wildlife Trust

The Wildlife Trusts website claims their branches are, „inspiring people about the natural world and saving, protecting and standing up for wildlife“. But the Kent Wildlife Trust’s chairman, Michael Bax, has been exposed as supporting the hunting of hares, wading birds and pheasants. When Tom found out, he set up a Care2 petition to demand Kent Wildlife Trust cut all ties with pro-hunting Bax.The Brown Hare is an endangered species across the UK and many wading birds are facing dramatic declines in their population. And yet, Michael Bax has held official roles in a hare hunting group for over thirty years. Bax’s business sponsored game shoots in 2014, and he personally sponsored a wading bird shoot. Bax currently allows pheasants to be shot on his land.Bax cannot represent the views of Kent Wildlife Trust’s membership, who pay their fees to protect wildlife, not slaughter it for pleasure.Bax’s association with Kent Wildlife Trust has been condemned by members, conservationists, animal welfare organisations and politicians, ranging from Chris Packham to PETA.Tom says, „Bax is damaging the reputation of not just Kent Wildlife Trust, but the Wildlife Trusts in general. He is not a fit and proper person to be running a wildlife conservation charity, and we call for Kent Wildlife Trust to cut their ties with him immediately.„Thank you,

  Beth G. The Care2 Petitions Team

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