Spain: Stop Tying Torches to Bulls!


Spain: Stop Tying Torches to Bulls!

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Let’s be clear: Bullfighting has never been a kind sport, but it reached new levels of cruelty during a „burning bull“ festival in the Spanish town of Foios last month. While supporters say the bulls involved in this grotesque tradition do not suffer, what happened a few weeks ago proves otherwise.

Tell the Spanish government: Ban horrific „burning bull“ festivals, now!

The day opened with a local version of the „running with the bulls,“ but the street race was just a lead-up to the much more disturbing evening event.

Locals began by escorting a frenzied and confused bull to a makeshift bullring where hundreds of people had gathered to watch. He was led to a wooden pole set up in the middle of the ring, and tied up by his horns so that he could not move. While he stood there, disoriented and immobile, organizers strapped a plank of wood to the top of his head. But this was no ordinary piece of wood. It was covered in flaming torches on either side.

As soon as the organizers untied the bull, he immediately began to writhe in agony as he tried to avoid the fire blazing on top of his head. After running away for a fleeting moment, the distraught animal turned to face the post he had just been released from. Then he charged, ramming himself into the pillar head-first. He died instantly.

One spectator caught the ordeal on video, and I watched it. The first thing I noticed when playing the footage is that it almost looks like the bull intentionally killed himself.

There is no justification for making animals endure such terror, anxiety, and pain. We cannot let another innocent animal be subjected to this sadistic torture. Join me in telling Spain: enough is enough! Ban the practice of tying torches to bulls!

Thank you for all that you do,

  Miranda B. The Care2 Petitions Team

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