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Save the Last Remaining Green Peafowl in China

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The green peafowl has lost the majority of its habitat. Entire nations now recognize that the stunningly beautiful bird—closely related to the common peacock we see around farms every day—has been driven to extinction in their forests. It is now unlikely that anyone will ever see a wild one within the borders of Malaysia, Thailand and perhaps even Bangladesh.

That’s why it is so important that we push China to save their 500 remaining green peafowls. Sign the petition.

Habitat fragmentation is the largest threat to the peafowl’s survival in China. But that’s exactly what’s happening in the bird’s last remaining refuge—the Konglong River Nature Reserve in Yunnan Province. Illegal mining operations are carving up its territory, blocking its access to crucial food sources and mates. Additionally, a hydroelectric dam project threatens to raise river levels further encroaching on its dwindling habitat.

There is no room for error here, China must take decisive action and you can help. In less than 20 years the peafowl has lost more than 330 square miles of its habitat. That’s more than twice the size of Atlanta gone.

Already, their haunting call has disappeared from much of Southeast Asia. We cannot allow it to go silent in one of its last strongholds.

Sign the petition and help save the last green peafowls of China.

Thank you for making a difference,

  Andrew M. The Care2 Petitions Team

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