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In one year, the Macau Canidrome killed nearly 400 of its greyhounds. That was in the racetrack’s heyday. Now, the track, which is still home to about 650 greyhounds, is shutting down. What do you think will happen to them then?

If past is prologue there is a good chance that they will be killed.

Hundreds of the dogs at the Macau Canidrome came from Australia once they were no longer able to be raced on Australian tracks. Once they arrived, they faced truly dire circumstances. The canines are usually kept in poor conditions and forced to endure scorching temperatures. Many suffer from serious ailments that are left untreated.

We have a chance to make sure that the Macau 650 go to good homes where they can live the rest of their days in peace.

Currently, activists are asking the government to step in and force the racetrack to relinquish the dogs to a local rescue organization where they can be rehabilitated and adopted out.

By adding your voice to the movement you can help ensure that the activists are heard. Please, for the sake of the 650 greyhounds, support the animal rights activists. Sign the petition and ask the government to save the Macau 650.

Thank you,

    Andrew M.
The Care2 Petitions Team




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