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Denmark’s Only Female Wild Wolf Was Shot and Killed. Demand Her Murderer Be Charged With Animal Cruelty!



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One of the first wild wolves to roam free in Denmark in over 200 years has been murdered. It was all caught on film, and the footage clearly shows that the female wolf wasn’t posing a threat to anyone. The innocent animal was just roaming around when someone in a parked car shot her dead.

Will you sign this petition asking Danish officials to charge the murderer with animal cruelty?

This she-wolf was extremely special. Until recently, wolves had not lived in Denmark since 1813. Then just last year, a female wolf traveled to Denmark and began a family. It was the first functioning pack there in centuries! Now, a thoughtless and hateful human has killed this beautiful wolf.

A man has been identified in this case, and has been charged with violating Denmark’s hunting act. But that’s not enough. He has done far worse.

Please sign the petition to demand this man is also charged with animal cruelty.

Thank you,

    Alex B.
The Care2 Petitions Team




P.S. This criminal has not only murdered a special wolf, he’s also sabotaged the survival of her pack. This case must be treated as animal cruelty. Please sign the petition now.






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