Will Wales Destroy This Vital Wetland Ecosystem?

Wales is Contemplating Destroying One of Their Most Beautiful Wetlands


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Wetlands are vital ecosystems and many animals depend on it for their survival. That’s why it’s so tragic that the Welsh government is on the brink of approving a project that just might destroy one of their most important wetland areas — the Gwent Levels.

One billion pounds have been invested in a 14-mile stretch of motorway that will cut across this precious area near Cardiff. If the project is approved, four sites of scientific interest will be affected not only after the motorway has been built but also during its construction.

Otters, water voles and countless species of insect and birds use the wetlands as a safe haven to rest during migration, breed and raise their young. Even rare cranes were seen stopping by!

This bypass would relieve congestion in Newport, surely. But what will it do to our precious wildlife? Is destruction of a rare biodiversity hotspot the price we want to pay for less traffic?

We think not. Welsh assembly, do not approve this proposal!

Thank you,

  Andrew M
The Care2 Petitions Team




P.S. This project is a death sentence for this important ecosystem. Sign the petition.




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