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Fifty starving polar bears may soon be killed in a small town in Russia. You can help stop this unnecessary slaughter.



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Fifty hungry polar bears are currently visiting the Russian town of Novaya Zemlya. While some residents are excited they get to see these wild creatures up close, the polar bears are starving and could damage property in their quest for food.

There is a real danger that these protected animals will be killed out of fear. We need to urge Russian officials to keep the polar bears safe and humanely remove them from the town.

Experts believe the polar bears have invaded the town because their habitat and food (seals) are disappearing due to climate change. They are in their current state because of humans.

There are simple ways to make this bear community safe. Many towns around the world deal with wildlife visitors on a regular basis and have developed surefire ways to deter unwanted advances from these wild animals. Simple measures like cleaning up garbage and keeping food away from inquisitive noses will help send the message that there is no food in Novaya Zemlya. There is no need to respond with violence.

If the town’s residents were to take matters into their own hands, it will undoubtedly lead to immense pain and suffering for the animals that are targeted. We can act now to prevent a tragedy.

Sign the petition calling on Russian authorities to use humane methods instead of fatal force to evacuate these polar bears!

Thank you for your compassion,

  Sharanya P.
The Care2 Petitions Team



P.S. Fewer than 25,000 polar bears exist in the wild. Losing even one population of fifty bears could prove disastrous for the species. Sign the petition now to help save these innocent lives.


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