Overzealous hunters killed almost a fifth of the wolf population in 72 hours

Decreased protections allowed hunters to wipe out 15% of the gray wolf population in just three days!



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The first hunting season since Trump delisted the federal protections on wolves was bloody in Wisconsin. Hunters had been given permission to kill 119 wolves; any more and their vulnerable population couldn’t take it. Yet, in just three days, they slaughtered 182 wolves, or 15% of the entire wolf population in the area and 50% over their quota. This is exactly what we and animal advocates like you feared would happen if gray wolves were no longer protected from hunting.

Hunters don’t have the information or restraint not to kill way too many animals. It’s unclear whether Wisconsin hunters knew they’d passed the limit and killed more wolves anyway, or if they just didn’t realize in time to stop their overzealous hunting. But either way, just naming a limit and assuming a bunch of individual hunters will collectively stick to it is clearly not working! The state allowed this to happen, even though they were warned for years. Now 15% of the Wisconsin population of wolves is dead and gone. We cannot let this go on another year! Demand that the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service immediately reinstates the ban on killing wolves before it’s too late!

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P.S. Conservationists worked hard to stabilize the gray wolf population in Wisconsin, but then hunters undid their hard work in a matter of days. Sign the petition to reinstate federal protections for gray wolves!


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