Don’t Kill Homeless Dogs and Cats Before World Cup Event in Russia   Russia is planning on slaughtering thousands of stray dogs and cats before it hosts the World Cup this summer. Time is running out for these poor animals. Sign this petition to stop the planned extermination. Now it’s our turn to ask for help:   For those of you who are already Premium Members — thank you from the bottom of our hearts! For the rest of our community, please consider the following message:   Without your support, our organization would cease to exist… literally. This is because running a major onlineRead More →

Kettenrinder in den Medien!!! Kinderlied für Straßenhunde; Kundgebung für die Ziesel; Katzenmutter   Bitte unbedingt anschauen! Ein Kinderlied zum Thema Straßenhunde, untermalt mit Bilder von RespekTiere! Es ist speziell getextet für die Verwendung im Unterricht im Rahmen von Tierschutzprojekten in den südlichen Ländern! Die ProduzentInnen schreiben dazu: Alle an der Produktion beteiligten wollten wirklich nur den Tieren helfen und ein frei teilbares Medium zur Verfügung stellen, das jeder verwenden kann, wie er es braucht. Wir haben daher eine Tonspur NUR mit Klavier produziert, damit in jeder Sprache der Welt ein Text gestaltet und gesungen werden kann, auch dieser frei wie ein Vogel, niemand muss nachRead More →

  Shut Down Dog Meat Farms in Korea Over 100 dogs were recently rescued from a dog meat farm in South Korea. The cruelty of the dog meat trade is unrivaled and must be stopped. Sign this petition to demand all remaining dog meat farms in South Korea be shut down.     Please Help Us Do More by Upgrading: And receive these perks: • Sign hundreds of petitions with “one-click” • Ad-free browsing and voting • Help us protect the environment, animals and more! UPGRADE NOW!   Please also help with these causes:   Do Not Ban Transgender People from the Military   Philippines President:Read More →

  Demand Justice for Stolen Pets Killed by Animal Control Workers! Sign Now When volunteers arrived at the local animal control center in Almaty, Kazakhstan recently, they thought it would be an ordinary Monday. Instead, they were met with the sounds of weak crying and panting coming from inside the trunk of an employee’s parked car. They called the police, who forced the employee to open the trunk. But by that time, the dog trapped inside had already died from suffocation and heat stroke. The dog, Umka, belonged to 19-year-old Asem, who became alarmed when her pet went missing. After Umka disappeared, she spent theRead More →