Pregnant alpacas were beaten to death


Three Alpacas — Two Pregnant and One a Baby — Were Viciously Beaten to Death. Police Must Find the Culprit.



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Earlier this year, Lesley and Andrew Sapsford had a lovely family of alpacas sharing their home in Great Missenden, England. Their herd of 80 alpacas lived peacefully in the Buckinghamshire countryside, and their humans loved them.

But one morning, Lesley and Andrew woke up to a horrible sight: two of their alpacas — both pregnant — had been murdered. The following day they discovered Ragamuffin, a four-month-old baby alpaca, had also been murdered. All three suffered blunt force trauma.

Officials are searching for the culprit behind these heinous attacks, but the family is still terrified for their flock’s safety. Sign the petition to tell police they must find the perpetrators immediately.

When the murders happened, all three animals were housed in their shelter for the night, outside the Sapsfords‘ home. Lesley and Andrew believe the attacker chose that moment to target the innocent animals because no one would be able to see what was happening.

People who murder animals aren’t just a danger to our pets — they’re also a danger to humans. What starts off as sadistic acts against alpacas or other animals can turn into cruelty towards people.

That’s why we must urge the local authorities to prioritize finding whoever killed these sweet, docile alpacas. Will you sign the petition?

Thank you,

    Miranda B.
The Care2 Petitions Team



P.S. Lesley and Andrew are worried that if the attacker isn’t identified and caught soon, their other farm animals could be in danger. Let’s make sure the rest of their alpaca family is safe from further brutality.






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