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Abducted by poachers when she was just a baby, Ramba the elephant has spent her entire life in circuses and roadside zoos. For 50 years, Ramba has lived in complete isolation, deprived of one of the most basic elephant necessities.

She finally has a chance at freedom, but there’s just one more hurdle to clear.

Eight years ago, Chilean officials confiscated her from the circus with the intention of sending her to a wildlife sanctuary. But the plans fell through, and she’s been living at a roadside zoo ever since then. An elephant sanctuary in Brazil has offered to take her, but they need significant funding to transport Ramba to her new home.

It’s time the Chilean government stepped up and covered the remainder of the fee to transport Ramba to the elephant sanctuary. If they can’t raise the money, Ramba will miss her chance at freedom once again.

Ramba deserves to live the rest of her life in freedom. Sign your name and ask the nation of Chile to donate the remaining amount of money to send Ramba to Brazil!

Thank you for making a difference,

    Angie L.
The Care2 Petitions Team




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