Stop dem Massenmord an Elefanten – bitte beteiligen und weiterleiten!

 African Wildlife
What will a four-year death toll amount to?

Hong Kong agreed to a domestic ivory ban but is allowing a four-year grace period before retailers and dealers must stop selling it. This delay encourages traders to stockpile as much ivory as possible to sell while it’s still legal, so they can make a killing in the name of legal offloading. This grace period could put elephants in more jeopardy than ever!


100 elephants
                        killed every DAY
3000 elephants
                        killed every MONTH
36500 Elephants
                        killed every YEAR
146,000 Elephants
                        killed by 2021
Elephants can't
Wildlife criminals now have an incentive to ramp up elephant poaching in order to maximize profits before 2021. Tell Hong Kong the only way to make ivory valueless and save vulnerable species is to move ahead quickly with a full ban.
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