This tiny puppy was shot in the legs


A puppy was shot in the legs and thrown off a cliff. We must hold the perpetrators accountable!


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What punishment do think would be appropriate for a tiny puppy that was allegedly „attacking“ much-larger sheep? A well-known member of the Kennel Club of Montenegro apparently thought the answer was „shoot the puppy in the legs,“ because that’s exactly what he did.

Help us demand justice for this innocent little dog now! Sign the petition to demand his abuser is held accountable.

Beban the Puppy was only a few months old when he was accused of threatening local sheep. After he was viciously shot, his owner brought him to a well-respected veterinarian for help. Instead, the vet told Beban’s owner not to press charges against the shooter and to „get rid of the dog.“ That’s how Beban ended up in a cliffside ditch.

Luckily, a local animal rescue group found the puppy and is helping him fight for his life. Two of his legs were so full of pellet bullets that they had to be amputated. But the rescue group’s vets are hopeful that he may recover. Now, animal lovers in Montenegro are determined to get justice.

All animal abusers must be held responsible for their crimes, even if they’re well-known members of society. Please, sign local activists‘ petition to demand that the people who hurt Beban are punished to the full extent of the law.

Thank you,

  Miranda B.
The Care2 Petitions Team


P.S. A tiny animal that’s only a few months old can’t be a real threat to livestock. But even if Beban had been, shooting him in the legs is far beyond an appropriate punishment. Will you sign the petition to demand justice for this little dog?




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