This balloon almost killed a sea turtle




Earlier this month, one of our sea turtle nest patrollers in Texas stumbled onto something horrifying on the beach.

An endangered Kemp’s ridley sea turtle entangled in balloon strings and rope.

Luckily, our volunteer was trained and immediately called NOAA (the federal oceans agency) to rescue the sea turtle.

The threats sea turtles face are ongoing. That’s why we exist – to fight for the sea turtles.

Join us in protecting sea turtles by making a donation to Turtle Island Restoration Network today so we can continue to be on the vanguard in the Gulf of Mexico.

With your support:

  • I train more than 200 hundred volunteers to patrol Texas beaches every year;
  • I watchdog coastal projects to ensure they are done in ways that cause the least harm;
  • I collaborate with other organizations to promote policies that reduce plastic pollution and address the impacts of industrial fishing.

Just like I need hundreds of people helping me patrol nesting beaches, I need you by my side in the fight for the sea turtles.


Joanie Steinhaus, Gulf of Mexico Program Director
Turtle Island Restoration Network

PS – The turtle in the photo above is currently recovering and the goal is to release it back into the wild.

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