The whale shark was hoisted onto the side of the boat to die

This Whale Shark Wasn’t Freed In Time To Survive. But It’s Not Too Late For Others. Sign to Help Save Vulnerable Whale Sharks!!



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In the image above, an enormous whale shark has been hoisted onto the side of a vessel by commercial fishermen in Thailand. Unfortunately, the whale wasn’t freed in time to survive. Even worse, the whale shark was reportedly seen giving birth while hanging off the side of the ship, and the baby died as well. For World Oceans Week, take action to protect these amazing animals.

Whale sharks are the largest fish in the sea, and gentle filter-feeders. Due to their slow moving, wide-ranging nature, the species is incredibly vulnerable to extinction.

Scientists understand very little about the species, but some think they are a world-wide population, not subdivided by regions. If so, that means what happens in Thailand affects the whale sharks that feed in the Gulf of Mexico, and vice versa.

Help defend whale sharks across the globe by demanding their critical habitat is protected from fishing, oil and gas exploration, and other destructive activities.

Right now, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) is considering expanding marine protected areas in the Gulf of Mexico. Unfortunately, the current proposal excludes the most important whale shark habitat identified in the Gulf, a coral area off the coast of Louisiana known as Ewing Bank.

Urge NOAA to move forward with expanding the Flower Garden Banks, and protect as much marine wildlife habitat as possible, including Ewing Bank.

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