They’re killing 2 million birds each year.

Millions of birds are sucked up and ground out while they’re sleeping — just so we can eat olives.



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The spread of the deadly coronavirus has plunged our world into a great deal of uncertainty, tragedy, and fear. But there are still so many opportunities to do good for the animals who continue to need our help. Will you join us in fighting for the lives of millions of birds who are slaughtered cruelly and needlessly every year?

The Mediterranean countries of Portugal and Spain are ripe locations for all types of nature, flora and fauna alike. Both olive harvesting and annual bird migration occur around the same time in these countries: October through January. The birds use the olive trees for much needed rest and recuperation during their long journey. But tragedy strikes millions of them every year when they are sucked into the olive-harvesting vacuums used by farmers at night and then churned out, dead.

The ecological consequences of this massive annual slaughter are staggering. Over the past 30 years, avian species‘ populations have fallen by more than 55 percent. This is all due to human practices. If these olives were harvested by hand, or at a time of day when the birds were not sleeping and therefore defenseless, their lives would be spared. We can fix this. And we must! Sign the petition to demand that authorities in Spain and Portugal ban these migratory bird-murdering practices, now!

Thank you for all that you do,

  Miranda B.
The Care2 Petitions Team



P.S. We could harvest olives during the day — so we wouldn’t accidentally kill 2 million birds every year. Sign the petition to save our avian friends from violent death in the olive trees!


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