Don’t force this 60-year old elephant to compete for prizes


Stop forcing Mangalam Karnan the Elephant to compete!

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Mangalam Karnan is more than 60 years old. He lives in Kerala, India and his health is declining. But his private owner is still forcing him to compete in a painful and unnecessary „head-lifting“ competition that stresses his body for hours on end.

Care2 member Renjith couldn’t bear to see Mangalam Karnan abused in this manner any longer. He started a petition demanding that the elephant’s owner send him to a sanctuary where he can finally rest. Will you sign?

Elephants participating in head-lifting competitions are forced to keep their heads and trunks elevated for painfully long periods of time. This position is unnatural for an elephant and strains their entire body to maintain it.

To keep these gentle animals‘ heads raised, trainers use cruel bullhooks and other sharp tools like knives and sticks.

No elephant should endure this, but especially not elderly, ill Mangalam Karnan.

Help bring this aging, sweet elephant some peace. Sign Renjith’s petition and demand Mangalam Karnan’s owner send him to a sanctuary now!

Thank you,

  Miranda B.
The Care2 Petitions Team


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